Weld-Wire Recovery System

Harbridge has developed and installed numerous pneumatic systems for recovering weld-wire copper from three-piece can making operations. They offer the security of 100% control over the copper stream end-to-end prior to re-claim to smelting operations. They also operate hands-free / hands-off operation and eliminate the labor required for manual collection as well as clearing space or cleaning on the manufacturing floor.

The Wire Recovery System (WRS) operates on a unique balance of low air volumes, low horsepower, and small tube sizes for a quiet and seamless operation. The features include an isolating valve and control system to allow continuous welder operation, a high efficiency vacuum blower to minimize noise and power consumption, and a jam-free manifold system. The “end-of-pipe” also includes a secondary air filter that allows the air to remain inside the plant (no make-up air required) without copper dust, and an outlet silencer for quiet operation inside the plant.

The main collector, blower, valve, secondary filtration and air silencer can all be contained on a common, preassembled frame designed to distribute spent copper into your existing copper “totes”. It takes very little additional floor space; and the modular construction makes the system very affordable.

The WRS system will provide the Canmaker years of quiet, clean, efficient and proven operation in a very compact design.