Liquid Stripe Exhaust

Harbridge’s Liquid Stripe Exhaust (LSE) system has been recognized as the industry standard for the most effective and efficient capture and filtration system for 3-piece side seam overspray. They have been independently tested to over 99% capture efficiency and are designed in an easily serviceable, low cost design. Many customers have also seen improvements in tooling life as well as an overall increase in workplace air quality.

Almost 200 “LSE” systems are in operation worldwide in scores of plants including Ball Corp, Crown Cork & Seal, Silgan Containers, BWay Corp, Seneca Foods, Ardagh and others.

Our LSE systems feature multi-stage, high efficiency filtration to minimize solvent carry-over into the oven and prevent fouling of duct work and fans. The controlled air volumes will also minimize load to incineration (where required) or make-up air requirement into the plant. Our “EX-Ax” design allows tool-free maintenance; Teflon coated surfaces will also shorten cleaning time or keep you running longer. At your option, Harbridge can enhance the system with auxiliary hoods, accelerator hoods, upgraded oven exhausts, etc. to affect the most effective over-spray and solvent capture available.

We are dedicated to improving your manufacturing efficiencies by providing innovative products and systems. Whether it be something simple like general air quality, or something more tangible like longer tooling life, higher operating efficiency, or finished can quality, Harbridge is uniquely positioned to affect positive change in your can making or metal packaging operation.